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I must say, I am constantly amazed at how some people attempt to take a little bit of truth and twist it around to suit their own purposes.

Originally Posted by African
Here we have pharmaceutical companies trying to monopolize the market with draconian tactics, like the people you mentioned stating that Hoodia does not work in raw form only extracted p57. Why all the fuss if it doesn’t work?
Actually, the 60 Minutes segment (quoted again by Suzanne above) stated that other than the P57 extract (which has apparently been extensively researched by Phytopharm and Pfizer) the most effective way to use hoodia is in RAW, FRESH form (as also stated by Nigel above):

Originally Posted by Nigel Crawhall
I have tried hoodia, it is interesting, and i think it does suppress appetite. Lesley Stahl's really did try it and was being honest (unusual in media these days!). However, to make it work like that you need a piece about 2 to 3 inches long, ideally fresh and full of recent rain water.
Besides, I checked African's website and guess what...they are not selling the "Raw form" of hoodia either - rather it's pills and powders claiming to be 'pure hoodia powder'. I dunno about YOU, but to me, when a plant has been dried and pulverized, I no longer consider it "raw" OR "fresh".

And not even going into the whys and wherefores of whether or not Hoodia is/will be effective towards appetite suppression - here's the BIG question IMO -

How does the average prospective buyer KNOW that there is actually hoodia in these pills? And even if it IS do you KNOW it's actually Hoodia gordonii which is the ONLY species of hoodia that has been proven to be an appetite supressant? There are several hoodia species - some are even grown as houseplants, from what I've gathered. Note the initial BBC transcript on page one of this thread...where they studied pills claiming to contain Hoodia gordonii and NONE or very little was found.

Originally Posted by African
Firstly most the Hoodia sold is blended or wrongly identified; thus no strength in their dosages. Secondly - obviously the pharmaceutical companies will push their extract as the only working one, since they have a patent on the working extract; can make money from all who sell it and would like as little competition possible to damage their market and monopoly.'re saying that all the OTHER hoodia pill/powder/tea/product sites are scams EXCEPT for yours...for some reason I have a very, very difficult time believing that...besides, think of it this way: the pharmecutical companies are the ones who have spent YEARS and MILLIONS of dollars researching the possibilities of the plant and its active ingredients - aren't they ENTITLED to exclusivity for at least an initial time period? Actually, IMO what you and the other websites are doing is taking advantage of Phytopharm's research and expense and using it to make a quick buck...quoting the 60 Minutes segment above:

Originally Posted by 60 Minutes
Some companies have even used the results of Phytopharm’s clinical tests to market their products.

"This is just straightforward theft. That’s what it is. People are stealing data, which they haven’t done, they’ve got no proper understanding of, and sticking on the bottle," says Dixey. "When we have assayed these materials, they contain between 0.1 and 0.01 percent of the active ingredient claimed. But they use the term hoodia on the bottle, of course, so they -- does nothing at all."
Originally Posted by African
In our country they tried to stop us from growing this product, saying that Hoodia gordonii is patented. This is not so and one cannot patent a plant; thus all the chaos and market manipulation at present to avoid a pure product that could stop their potential drug. Imagine if I patented a tomato plant and all across the world using tomatoes had to pay me royalties for eating tomatoes, ridiculous right?
Actually, plants CAN be and ARE patented, at least here in the United States - see this page from the US Patent Office website for more info. However...from what I've read, Phytopharm is not the patent owner - rather it is the Council for Scientific and Industrial Research (CISR) of South Africa. This according to Phytopharm's FAQ on their website.

Originally Posted by African
See the story below, also recent discoveries have shown that it is not only the so called "P57" that is the active ingredient but rather a synergistic combination of other alkaloids, thus no wonder they could not make it into a pill!
First off - that article you quoted (without a URL) is a year old and second...aren't *YOU* marketing a pill...hmmmm...?

Originally Posted by African
Nestle currently working on their entry into the diet market would be very suprized to hear them labeled as a no name company, I stressed in my response above that it is not a wonder cure - but i see that once again only the negative aspects suitable for your convenience were pulled out and the chance I gave the public or the mods to prove me wrong was edited.
You said it wasn't a wonder cure...but yet on your WEBSITE, you refer to your product as Hoodia Miracle Pills. Interesting....and what does NESTLE have to do with this whole topic anyway? Are THEY working on a hoodia product as well...? Somehow I doubt it.
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