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African, the mods removed your other post because it appeared as a solicitation, with several references to your company that sells the product. This is strictly against the guidelines of the forum.

I have removed the hoodia offer from your current post, for the same reason. I have also removed references to your company from your profile.

Our site is a support forum for weight loss through a healthy diet and exercise program, without the use of controversial products. At the moment, hoodia is VERY controversial. We've been made aware that the vast majority of the hoodia products sold online are not hoodia at all, or that they contain such a small amount that it is useless. Of course every hoodia dealer is going to step forward and say their product is different, it's a sales pitch. Why should your company be any different?

We agree that there is potential for this product, but the problem seems to be getting it in an effective form that can be distributed among millions of people. According to the 60 Minutes news broadcast, the pills that are being sold are not the real thing, and that research has shown that hoodia cannot be made into pill form and still be effective. THIS is the information we rely on, and not sales pitches which are always going to be biased. Why would someone try to sell a product, and say at the same time that their product doesn't work?

We will wait. When Phytopharm, as well as the medical establishments in the US say that this product is the the real thing - an effective and safe way to curb appetite, and not counterfeit products, then we will gladly promote it. In the meantime, we feel that it is our duty to help protect our members against potentially fraudulent, potentially dangerous mystery products, and promote weight loss the old fashioned way - through healthy diet and exercise. Even WITH a valid source of hoodia, diet and exercise are still required for weight loss. Hoodia - even the real thing - doesn't cause weight loss. It's just an appetite suppressant for people that have appetite problems. We already have a solution for that, and our doctors can prescribe safe medications and provide constant medical supervision while taking them. You can't get that online.

From 60 minutes:
The future of hoodia is not yet a sure thing. The project hit a major snag last year. Pharmaceutical giant Pfizer, which had teamed up with Phytopharm, and funded much of the research, dropped out when making a pill out of the active ingredient seemed beyond reach.

So if a company such as Pfizer cannot put hoodia in a pill and it be effective, why can all of these no-name small companies that are popping up online daily?
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