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Originally Posted by DietingLady
Hello, in 3F -

Recently I came back from a trip to find bottles of something called Desert Burn, claiming to contain 750 mg of 100% pure Hoodia Gordonii.
Just adding to what Suzanne wrote...

For some reason, I think a lot of people didn't catch in the 60 Minutes broadcast a couple of pieces of VERY IMPORTANT INFORMATION. They just heard that an active ingredient in hoodia supresses appetite and then just went on the Internet and bought some pills or whatever...

Reiterating those important points again...

1) The ONLY authentic source of hoodia is from Phytopharm, who holds the exclusive license to market/produce hoodia.

2) At this juncture, it appears that THE ONLY WAY to get the active ingredient to 'work' is to eat a piece of FRESH hoodia - as Nigel said "about 2 or 3 inches long, ideally fresh and full of rain water". Keep in mind that Pfizer pulled their funding because the active ingredient COULD NOT BE MADE INTO A PILL. I would assume that those dried 'hoodia teas' and etc are bogus too.

3) There is JUST NOT enough hoodia currently being produced to be able to supply all those internet stores who are purportedly selling the stuff - reiterating the 60 Minutes broadcast:

60 Minutes visited one of Phytopharm’s hoodia plantations in South Africa. They’ll need a lot of these plantations to meet the expected demand.

Agronomist Simon MacWilliam has a tall order: grow a billion portions a year of hoodia, within just a couple of years. He admitted that starting up the plantation has been quite a challenge.

"The problem is we’re dealing with a novel crop. It’s a plant we’ve taken out of the wild and we’re starting to grow it,' says MacWilliam. "So we have no experience. So it’s different— diseases and pests which we have to deal with."

How confident are they that they will be able to grow enough? "We're very confident of that," he says. "We've got an expansion program which is going to be 100s of acres. And we'll be able – ready to meet the demand.

This could be huge, given the obesity epidemic. Phytopharm says it’s about to announce marketing plans that will have meal-replacement hoodia products on supermarket shelves by 2008.

MacWilliam says these products are a slightly different species from the hoodia Stahl tasted in the Kalahari Desert. "It's actually a lot more bitter than the plant that you tasted," says MacWilliam.

The advantage is this species of hoodia will grow a lot faster. But more bitter? How bad could it be? Stahl decided to find out. "Not good," she says.

Phytopharm says that when its product gets to market, it will be certified safe and effective. They also promise that it’ll taste good.
This is an example where a bit of information is blown totally out of wack - I would be willing to bet that most people didn't even SEE the 60 Minutes show, or maybe didn't pay attention to all the details if they did watch it. All they know is that there's this plant that Lesley Stahl ate a bit of, and it supressed her appetite. Just out of curiosity, I did an ebay search for Hoodia a few days ago and I was aghast - I saw auctions starting at $300+ for 'hoodia pills'. And what's more, many of the sellers are using 'as seen on 60 Minutes' as a tag line to sell this crap! PLEASE don't fall for this!

My advice - DON'T spend your hard-earned money on ANY product claiming to contain hoodia UNTIL you see products being marketed by Phytopharm, which is not expected to be until AT LEAST 2008 - and unless there's some groundbreaking scientific strides made, don't expect it to be in pill form - more than likely it will be sold as a fresh 'vegetable' or made into shakes or bars.
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