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I've removed the link from your post. No, we don't recommend that supplier, or any other. I would suggest reading the post above from Nigel Crawhill and you'll see that the hoodia you buy online is not the real thing. I don't know what you purchased, but it's impossible to know what is in it, if it is safe, contaminated, contains dangerous materials, etc.

For anyone that is interested in genuine hoodia, do not buy it on the internet! WAIT until a valid source is established. We'll do our best to be the first to tell you all about it. I wouldn't expect this to happen for several years.

Isn't it even illegal to take Hoodia out of Africa? I read a news release about that several months ago, I'll go try to find it. Therefore, the stuff you buy online is not hoodia. It's been established that these pills contain very little, if any at all, and who knows what the rest of it is. Taking whatever it is would be about the same as taking candy from strangers on the street - we warned our kids not to do that, so why would we put ourselves in the same position?
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