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Hi folks, I was surfing around and saw your site with this whole discussion of hoodia. As the linguist in the 60 Minutes section some of you saw, I thought I might say hello and add a few comments. I am not a food scientist, I am a linguist, so anything I say is really from what I have learned from San elders. Several of the hoodias have medicinal property, though it is true that P57 was found in gordonii. I have not understood whether the others do or do not have P57 compound in them. The San, obviously, do not use hoodia for appetite suppression. They use it for lots of things in different applications: thrist suppression (eating it); giving yourself energy; against asthma, conjunctivitus, stomach problems, skin problems, and more. I have tried hoodia, it is interesting, and i think it does suppress appetite. Lesley Stahl's really did try it and was being honest (unusual in media these days!). However, to make it work like that you need a piece about 2 to 3 inches long, ideally fresh and full of recent rain water. There are a number of illegal products on the market here in South Africa claiming to have hoodia in them. From what we understand, they either have none or very small amounts, in which case it would have no effect on your appetite. The idea is interesting, the delivery is going to be the challenge. And appetite suppression is, as you know well, only one aspect of weight control. Good luck to everyone on here.
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