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The Acomplia research sounds very good too, even better than Hoodia.

As to the head hunger problem, which I agree is a far greater threat leading to gaining weight than physical hunger, you can deal with that by old fashion personal psychological investigation. There are several really good books on the subject, the best I have read being 'The Solution' by Laurel Mellin. And of course there is always therapy from a competent counselor. But good luck finding one.

In the Acomplia articles they say (going from yesteday's memory here) it can reduce not only food cravings, but also the inexorable draw of other addictions/compulsions. No small wonder because the underlying causes of almost all compulsive behaviors are pretty similar. Compulsive overeating, (drinking, comp. shopping, gambling, etc) is rooted not in the substance or activity abused, but rather in a pattern of behavior based on our own personal histories and erroneous beliefs about ourselves and life in general. (This is very hard to sum up in a couple sentences.)

Body problems (fat) need body solutions - eat less, exercise more. Head (emotional) hunger needs head (emotional) solutions. Or you can wait for the right pill to come along, and take it the rest of your life.

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