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I had not heard of the weight loss potential of Hoodia before seeing these articles. Thanks for sending them. Very interesting stuff, but I doubt it will be a reasonable affordable solution in our life-times especially if Pfizer gave up on it. I can also see lots of potential for exploitation. Hoodia is a genus of about 20 species. Apparently only Hoodia gordonii has the appetite suppressing characteristics. So all Hoodias are not created equal. So you can buy all the Hoodia you want, and may not get the right one.

Several species of Hoodia are grown in the US as ornamental succulents - my Mom had one or two, but probably not gordonii. They are slow growing, interesting looking, but cannot be grown everywhere. They are in the same plant family as milkweed, vinca, and oleandar. Some members of this family are poisonous. If you want to see what the hoodia plant looks like, go here:

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