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Congrats, Carrie. Your success and formidable goal make me want to get strict and do the same. My buddy, Rebecca, identified the bad pattern I fall into, which is 3 days angel, followed by relapse. It is called Bingeing. Now that I can say it, I can fight it. I bought a scale, will weigh for the first time in a year tomorrow, and will begin Scarsdale Diet just to jump start things. I did well last week, felt "lighter" by doing modified SBeach, and fit into my size 16 linen dress. Okay, it has no definable waist, it is a shift/tent and it was a little snug, but hey...I did not implode when I sat down. have inspired me to do better, along with Buddy & Sargeant Master Rebecca, who keeps me from beating up on myself for crimes. (Sample crime: 1/2 ham & swiss sandwich on sesame bun, followed by cream cheese danish and coffee with white (uughh) sugar. Avocado and Butter bread for lunch, ice cream for dessert, and a full East Indian meal cooked from scratch, including flat bread (roti) coconut-pear chutney, and curried chicken--in normal-people portions---all of this was Saturday's binge!)

So thanks for the inspiration...wish me luck for next week when I start the Scarsdale. The 1st 3 days are hunger-city. I'll do it! Bye and good luck.

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