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There is no question in my mind that the Freudian and personality theory psychiatrists have been wrong all along with reference to the origins of clinical depression. People are predisposed to it or not because of their genes, hence, their individual biological makeup. My family is a case in point. Bipolar disorder/depressive type runs through no less than 4 generations of my mother's family: Grandmother, mother, myslef, my daughters all suffer with varying degrees of this debilitating disorder. There are also features of schizophrenia in 3 generations of my family, both sides. I have always known intuitively, then definitvely, from research and personal experience that it is biological, physiological, organic. Personalities and childhood experiences are the factors that can make a predisposed person become clinically depressed. A person without the genetic make-up for depression can face almost insurmountable life challenges and never know what depression and anxiety are.

Thanks for re-printing this article. The stigma of depression lives on, unfortunately. But equipped with the information in this article, patients should feel a sense a hope and a willingness to deal with an organic problem appropriately: with medication, behavior modifcation, and therapy.
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