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Default Weekend...

hi, I was just wondering if anyone had the same problem as me. Ya see, I really want to lose weight, and last summer I lost 30lb which felt awesome. People were complimenting me and I felt so confedent with myself. Now that a year has past and I have GAINED 10lbs, I feel horrible. I tell myself every week that I am going to start dieting and exercising again, and I make it throw the week with flying colors. The weekends are my down fall.I dont know if it is just that I am not on a time clock like I am at school or the fact that in my house I am surrounded my food, but what ever I lost the week before come right back on the weekend. So right now I am stuck in this never end cycle that I lose 3-4 the first week, then have to loose it again the second week cuz I gained it back. I am just so lost right now. I feel like everyone in my life is having fun and I am just the little fat girl in the cover no one cares about. I just want to be able to be happy with myself and be able to do things that right now I cant do or feel to embarassed to do. I never again in my life want to here someone say "Why dont you go to the dance with haley" and the other person laugh like it was some kind of sick joke. I just dont understand how people think. Well this has been depressing. I just really need to vent. If anyone thinks that they have some advice for me that would be wonderful because I really dont know where to turn. thank you.
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