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Mez...yes, there is more to life than big tits! Way to keep perspective on your overall health. We should be losing weight as much for health reasons as we do for vanity. But I'll stay off that soap box for now.

Shelly, sounds like on some level you give yourself permission to eat once you hit the 20 pound mark. One way to combat it would be to not jump on a scale for the next month. Maybe you see that number and something clicks that you met a goal, all your body will now that you've reached it, you can eat and resume old habits. Stay away from the why you want to lose weight and ask yourself the question: is that damn (insert crappy food here) worth it? Is that (crappy food) worth sacrificing your health and your future with your child? Make the decision once to get healthy...and don't talk yourself out of it, whatever it takes. Your health needs to be a priority.

You know that this 20 pound mark will be a challenge based on past experiences, but that was then. You now have the tools to get past this, so believe that you can and keep telling yourself that fact. Because this time you are doing it the right way.

You can do this!! You will do this!!

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