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It's day 4 for me today - I haven't experienced any headaches at all yet - almost feel like I am doing something wrong since I don't have the headaches, I did however, feel really tired yesterday and had some major night sweats - don't know if that is diet related or not.

I have really increased my water intake. I'm up to about 64oz a day which I know is still low but much better than I was doing.

And I have celery and cauliflower cut up to eat WHENEVER I want - I haven't been hungry once yet. If I'm hungry I eat - just good stuff.

You really don't have to suffer, up your veggies and water and I bet those headaches will disappear quickly

I actually feel really peppy today - not as tired as usual and I am down 6 lbs of water weight so far

Stick with it- you CAN do it.


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