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I never introduced myself here, even though I posted...

Well, here is my story. I was a skinny kid, and analyzing it now i can say I stayed skinny because I did not like to eat. I simply would eat crust from favourite rye bread for breakfast, meat for lunch, and mashed potatoes for dinner. If I did not like food, I will never put it in the mouth - so my first encounter with rice and pasta occured in my early twenties at the University cafeteria. And you know what - i do not like them even now... Why do i eat it than?

I started to gain weight when I was 24 (i already had one child) and when I moved from Soviet Union to Austria. All of a sudden all those nice pastries, cookies, etc. around - I easily gained 10 kg and thought - well, I am 25, what do I want??? I gained another 10 kg at 30, when I moved to Canada. Easily - by living 1 month on McDonalds 49c hamburgers when you buy 10! I did not have a job, and having 10 hamburgers for 5$ made sence. Well, new size of jeans was expensive. I had 2 more pregnancies and ended up in 170-180 pound range... Eyeopener was when my 4 y.o. son and I watched a video from last summer and he said - Mom, who is this woman with huge bum there? Well, it was I, and he could not recognize me - first I thought it was because camera adds pounds, but than I looked so much like a pig there!!!

When my third child was born, I thought - I do not want to look like standard overweight North american nother of 3... I wanted to look cool and feel cool. So I enrolled to the gym for my birthday. i ended up going there 2 times a week and in 6 month (still breastfeeding) my weight dropped to 156 pounds. After that I could not loose no matter what I did. In a year I dropped to 149 (after finishing breastfeeding) or so - but again, it was so slow and so hard. So On sept 29th I joined Jenny Craig. In 3 month I reached my goal of 128 pounds and right now I try to stay in 5 pounds area around it.

I exercise at least 30 min every day, I also teach yoga (certified in order to keep myself busy - after all instructor can not skip a class), I bike (this year my daughter and I finished 100 mountain bike tour on Sunshine coast). I also work full time. Anyways, I am very glad to find this forum (thanks funniegrrl)!

I find keeping weight off is harder than loosing, so this forum is a big help for me! Knowing that youa re not alone makes it so much easier, and having people around who lost and maintained just makes it real!!!

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