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Gulp, I guess I belong here now. The idea of weight maintenance is pretty intimidating to me after the past 6 or so years of up and down the scale.

After 7 months, I've finally lost all the accumulated weight of 4 relatively close pregnancies. My littlest one is now 9 months old and I started my weight loss journey when she was 2 months. I lost all the pregnancy weight, plus about another 5ish lbs, so now, at 31, I'm at my lowest adult weight ever. And I like it here.

I've known how I should be eating to feel at my best for a long time, but I didn't always choose to eat that way. Plus my portion sizes, even of good food, tended to be huge. Other than a crash, barely eating at all diet when I was 17-18 I'd never really dieted, although I'd thought about it. I didn't follow any diet plan. I'm ovo-lacto vegetarian, and lost the weight by keeping junk to a minimum and eating moderate portions of whole grains, low fat dairy, legumes, and lots of fruit and vegetables. It was both easier and harder than I expected.

I've been reading posts in this forum for a few weeks as I approached my goal weight. I'm nervous about maintaining, even more so than losing I think. I can lose weight. But after 4 pregnancies in the past 6 years, I also know how to gain weight all too well. Working out how to eat normal portions of mostly good food so that my weight stays relatively stable is my new challenge. Somehow the motivation of the scale staying the same isn't as impressive as the scale moving down.

My new way of challenging myself (for the past few months too) has been by taking up running. Rather than watching the scale, I can watch the distances and speed I can run slowly increase. I plan to run a 10K or 1/2 marathon at the end of next summer, giving me a new long term goal to work toward health-wise.
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