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Welcome to Maintainers, Margaret! Congratulations on your fabulous weight loss! Can't wait for the pictures. Yep, you've found the right place to help you transition from losing to maintaining.

I think I know how you're feeling right about now -- I was petrified when I reached my goal because the only thing I knew was how to lose -- I was clueless about maintenance. All I knew was that I was NEVER going to go back to 257 pounds again. With the help of this wonderful group, I've been able to keep the weight off for 2 1/2 years now and it does get easier over time (this is what our "big loser" Karen always tells us -- she's kept off 115 pounds for 15 years now ) Stick around with us -- this is a great group for support and encouragement. We're writing the "instruction manual" for maintenance right here and we look forward to you adding in all your insights and thoughts.

BTW, I'm a Margaret too! DH's family lives in the Oil City/Franklin area -- is that close to you?

Hi Reenu! You might want to post your treadmill question in the Exercise forum -- I bet you'll get lots of answers there.
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