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HI Everyone
Hope you all had a nice Fathers Day. I spent it with my hubby and then we went to my inlaws for lunch/dinner. The one good thing about going there at 2 and eating around 3-3:30, is I don't have lunch before I go and I don't eat after I get home. Well, it started out BADDDDDDDDDDDDDD! My son and I made my hubby a huge breakfast (bacon,sausages, eggs,english muffins) and, of course, I had some.
I weighed in yesterday, and I went up---but, I am PMSing and will be done and DOWN by the end of the week. I knew something was going wrong the other day when I was craving chips (and ate them) and then something sweet (but, had my bar. That is the good thing about always carrying a bar in my bag at all times. The only bad thing, is when it is there and gets melted.
ANyway, I am going to get some last minute things done around here.
Hope everyone did great today
Take Care
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