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Tina, my kids have been really good at school. Considering this is a 3-day week for us, it is amazing. We have conferences after school tomorrow until 7:00 (yea, right!). We are off of school on Friday because of the conferences. I think the conf. will go OK except maybe 2 of them.

One set of parents doesn't want to face the music that their child is as low as he is. The poor little guy has no fun time at home, because his mom is always making him do school work.

Another set of parents believe that their son can do no wrong. This is the boy who throws rocks at recess, food in the cafeteria, other students across the hall (I've seen him do this), won't do his work, and the list goes on and on. At conf. in the fall, they said that the reason he wouldn't do his work was because he is allergic to apples. Excuse me? I still don't understand that one. Maybe I had an apple pin on or something, I don't know.

Congrats to those that have already weighed in and had a loss or maintained. For those that went up a little, get 'em next week. I'm not expecting a loss this week. It was my team teacher's b-day yesterday, and I was rather piggish.

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