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Default Can't sleep

It's after 1am and I can't sleep. Went to bed at 10p and now I'm wide awake. I didn't do so great to day. I did well at my moms, well as well as can be expected, I tried a little of everything that I wanted. Amazingly, I picked healthy stuff! (except for the tiny piece of cake and tiny piece of pie, but it's been soooooo long!)
Tonight was where I really screwed up. When we got home, my husband fixed my kids chili hotdogs. I was so tired and not feeling well that I ate one, bread, hot dog, chili and cheese (2%)
Marcie, I didn't take my own advice! But tomorrow is another day!
I was up 3/4 lb today.

I'm not feeling too good. I'm feeling really bloated. It's PMS, but it gets earlier and earlier every month. It's still over a week before my period is due. This all comes along with the increase in depression! I've got a dr appt Wed. I think I'm ready for them just to take all of my female stuff out. What a pain!!!!! I did the green tea tonight. Hopefully that'll give me some relief!

Hope you had a great day at your family reunion!

See you guys later!

"Those that hope in the Lord shall renew their strength............" Isaiah 40:31
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