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Karyn, youíve found the only place that I know of where you can talk about things like feeling fat when youíre size 4 and have a whole bunch of people who understand exactly how you feel (and not want to slap you ). Like Mel said a few days ago, we think weíre alone and kind of and then we come here to discover people who feel the same way about things. So you can always talk to us even if there isnít anyone in Real Life who understands. We talk about body image a lot Ė hereís a thread about it that you might want to check out: I had the same crazy thoughts last week when I was getting dressed to go out to dinner with DH and I looked in the mirror and told myself I looked fat Ė though I was wearing size 4. I realized in the rational part of my brain that was Ė but it didnít change what I SAW in the mirror. Anyway, feel free to keep blabbing Ė itís a great feeling to discover that weíre not alone.

About my surgeries Ė feel free to ask me any questions youíd like Ė Iím not embarrassed about talking about them. Mel, Karen, and TusconChris here have also had TTs or lower body lifts and can help too. I donít know if you found it yet, but we have a sticky about weight loss and skin that has some posts about surgical experiences: Yes, I am extremely satisfied with my results. Iím never going to look like a model, but I never expected to and this is much, much better than having all the skin flopping around.

About shopping Ė Iíve gotten rid of a lot of what I bought at first too, for two reasons. First, I was so overwhelmed by the choices that I was really undiscriminating about what I bought. I was used to begin stuck in the plus sizes and having to be content to make do with anything that simply fit. All of a sudden, everything fit (or was too big) and it came in 200 varieties. Too much choice. Now I tell myself I have to LOVE it to buy it. Second, totally without realizing it, I was buying the same style of clothes in smaller sizes that I used to buy in plus sizes: big, baggy stuff meant to camouflage my body. It took me a while to realize that I didnít need to camouflage any more AND that wasnít a very flattering look for me now. Iím a much more careful shopper now. And isnít it a marvel when last yearís clothes still fit this year? Iíve never been at the same weight for two years before ever Ė it always was up or down before.

Glad you're all here -- keep talking -- great topics!
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