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Overshopping was also a problem for me when I first hit my goal weight. I've had to get rid of many impulse buy items. Also, in the beginning, I gravitated toward tight clothes because I wanted to show off my hard work. That feeling has subsided a bit - slowly realized I could wear flattering things without them being skin tight.

It's great and kindof weird to have a "stable" wardrobe. Everything I bought in 2002 still fits! On my weight roller coaster, I usually bought clothes because the pieces from the previous year were suddenly too small. My wardrobe changed constantly because I was a different size every year!

Congrats on your weight loss and building your self-esteem!
Mar 2002: 189 lbs (Size 16/18)
Oct 2002: 135 lbs (Size 4/6)
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A fun milestone...
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