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Ok, so I've figured out how to lose the weight, do you break the overshopping habit? As I was taking more clothes to Goodwill, hubby says "But I remember when you said 'but this was on clearance, but this was only $10, but this was a good deal...'" LOL

At 7 months til I turn 40, I'd love to have a tummy tuck myself. I have promised myself one the minute my rich uncle gets out the poorhouse.

Karyn, I do tend to brag. I still see that last bit around the mid-section that I'm working on, but I've always wanted to get down to the smaller sizes and am loving being there. I don't look in the mirror and see myself as fat anymore. I've slowly gravitated to two pieces, miniskirts, and lowrise pants. My motto has become "If I can do it, anyone can".

I've gone through some life changes though that have built my self-esteem, which is mostly what enabled me to get a handle on weight loss finally. And it perhaps has a lot to do with not having a lot of issues with insecurities.

When I was heavy, I just wanted to slap those skinny girls when they *****ed and moaned about their weight.
Try growing up with a 95 lb dripping wet cousin who would say this. You don't know how hard it was to resist smacking her upside the head. LOL

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