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I love to cook so finding healthy alternatives to help my weight loss journey has been alot of fun. First things first for me, after grocery shopping I wash all my produce and prep it out for consumption. I just bought a salad spinner and I love it for prepping veggies. It makes sure that all the excess water is off so that they don't spoil. I've spent some money and bought Tupperware Fridgesmart containers for my veggies. They are designed to keep food longer and boy do they ever!!!

I bought a nice fruit bowl and keep it well stocked with fruits ready to eat. Making it easier for me to grab fruit instead of something else.

I've completely stopped shopping the inner rows in the grocery store. I don't buy pre-made food anymore, I pre-make them myself. I save all my veggie ends in a bag in the freezer and whenever I cook a chicken I throw the broth, bones and my bag of veggies in a stock pot and let it simmer for a couple of hours. Then I strain it and pour it into muffin tins and freeze it. When it's frozen it goes into a huge freezer bag and I have portion controlled chicken broth (1/2 cups) to use in recipes. You could skip the chicken and use water and veggies to make vegetable broth or add fish to make fish broth. I find that chicken is the one I use the most. Then I know that there are No preservatives in it and no added sodium etc.
When I make pasta sauce I bake whole tomatoes in the oven till they are soft (cut a cross in the top) and then add them into my food processor and chop. Then I add them, one muffin sized broth, garlic, couple of dried chili pepper flakes, and assorted veggies to make a quick, healthy pasta sauce.

I could not live without my BBQ, Chef knives, good sautee pan, good stock pot, and bread maker. Love them all!

Hope this was helpful!


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