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Thanks for the update, U2girl. I'm very interested to know how this works for you. I'm an apple shape (I guess that would be "ruler" in ESCAPE YOUR SHAPE terms??). My legs tend to get short shrift in my strength routine because they're my least problematic body part. I'm curious as to whether I'm going about this whole thing wrong.

One interesting thing is that a few months ago, my sister hired a personal trainer. My sister is a pear shape. The personal trainer told her that they were going to emphasize her upper body during their workouts; the pt said that building up my sister's upper body would help to make her shape look more proportionate. Well, I live in another state from where my sister lives, and I went to visit her a few weeks ago. She'd been working with the personal trainer for approx. 12 weeks at that point. Well, let me tell you, I was stunned at how great she looked. Even though she has about 20-25 more pounds to lose, her arms looked so much more toned, and she just looked better overall. I thought I'd share this story because her personal trainer's advice sounds a lot like what E. Jackowski's book is advocating.
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