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DATE: Sept 15 2004

USERNAME/REAL NAME: loozingme/Julia aka Jules

AGE: 34

BIRTHDAY: 11/22/1969


FAMILY INFO (anything you care to share about your family, children, hubby, etc.):We are a military family living at Ft. Polk Louisiana. I have a wonderful daughter named Brooke (12). My husband is currently deployed in Bahgdad working for the hospital for th the Abu Ghraib prison...yep "that" prison.

HOBBIES/INTERESTS: Reading, sewing

PETS: none

ATKINS START DATE: Restarted August 8th, 2004

WHAT MADE YOU CHOOSE ATKINS: I've had a lot of success with atkins in the past. I've learned so much more about this WOE in the last year so I thought I'd give it another shot and stick with it!

TOP WEIGHT: between 345 and 360



HEIGHT: 5ft 6

EYE COLOR: light green

HAIR COLOR: blond by choice

OCCUPATION: dental assisting student

GEOGRAPHIC LOCATION: central Louisiana

WHAT IS YOUR BIGGEST PROBLEM IN WEIGHT LOSS: Those dang carbs!!! pasta...rice...and mashed tators always talk to me!

WHAT IS DIFFERENT THIS TIME THAT WILL MAKE YOU SUCCESSFUL: I've read and reread everything I can get my hands on to understand this WOE. I know how my body works and what my triggers are now. Plus, I have the support of the wonderful ladies on the Atkins board! hugs!
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