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Sorry to have been out of the loop for a couple of days! I was, ummm, too busy doing stupid s%^t with food to post. Yuck. Haven't had an episode in quite awhile and don't really know what triggered it other than fatigue. Anyhoo...

Hello to everybody!

Michelle -- So sorry for the loss of that beautiful baby girl! My prayers are with her family and all those who loved her. Hugs to you...

Tracey -- Great gratitude list! I hear you about that hubby resenting thing. I'm all over that one this evening!

skippy -- You can let loose with whatever you need to here. I'm so glad to be getting to know you all. It's giving me such a more rounded perspective on life outside of my little world! You're terrific!

Vanessa -- Ugh...can't do horror movies! I'm such a chicken. Now a good Hitchcock movie is another thing altogether. Rear Window is one of my all time faves! Can't do Psycho though. Maybe one day I'll grow up enough to watch. LOL

anna -- Welcome! Jump in whenever you feel like it!

Kat -- Love that affirmation! I'm ashamed to say that that is something I have to conciously set aside regularly. Makes me disappointed with myself every time.

Chris -- Your surrender makes perfect sense to me! I've finally gotten rid of all but two (?) of my diet/self-help books. And they no longer call to me when I go to the bookstore. Maybe there's hope for me after all!

Well, ladies, I'm a grad school drop out. I contacted the university and expressed my concern over the track the program was going versus what we were told it was going to be. Apparently they have decided to go in the higher level direction and that just doesn't meet my needs right now. I know that I'm intellectually capable of doing it, but it would be hard and would require more time and effort than I'm willing to invest right now. Plus, in the end it will be something I can't really use except to say "Hey, by the way. I have a Master's degree!" I thought I would be more disappointed than I am. DH is quite disappointed in me and I'm not liking that. I don't believe my degrees are any of his business, actually. They don't concern him and I won't do something with MY career just to please HIM. Harsh? Maybe, but he doesn't really let my feelings about a matter figure greatly into his decision making process. He has made some major decisions that went completely opposite of what I told him I thought. Those decisions affected our whole family, not just himself. As far as I am concerned, my career is mine and mine alone. Yikes, I'm sounding a little angrier than I really feel. I think I'd better step away from this one for awhile! LOL

Well, I'm going to go and relax with a book. I'm reading The Pact by Jodi Picoult. Very good, but so sad. I also recently read The Lovely Bones. Have any of you read it? I had trouble sleeping afterward; it really moved me. It was disturbing though. I couldn't wait to give it back to my sister so it wasn't around for me to dwell on. I think when I finish this one I need to search out some light reading! LOL

Okay, enough from Chatty Christy. You may now return to your regularly scheduled message board.

Love and Hugs,
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