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Default Excuse me while I am a little self indulgent this morning

This probably belongs in a journal or something, but since you gals understand I am going to tell you what I have been thinking about. Surrender. I am looking around my house and wodering how much I have surrenderd. I own alot of self-help and diet books still. Is the voice of God filtered through the ideas of what I think is "best for me". When do I give up and just truly try to listen to God and my body. I have broken my hunger button, I have lists in my head of "good" and "bad" foods, I have other lists of calories. Rarely do I ask myself am I being nourished by this moment? Am I present? Am I listening for what is best for me? I seek, and seek, and seek when if I would trust HP I could maybe accept what I have already found. Once again acceptance and surrender come up to bite me and say , "Chris, relax, go gently, God is your guide" And how long does it take to enforce my self-will. Today I would like to surrender to today, one minute at a time. To eat rice, when I eat rice.

I will try to come back and reply to everyone. Have a beautiful, blessed day.
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