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Hey girls! Welcome Anna! The past two days have been well, work has been the normal routine. I finally bought my niece a gift, it was her christening Sunday so I bought her a little pumpkin outfit that has a pumpkin top as a hat and a baby's first piggy bank. I now know how buying for your niece becomes addicting! A friend bought a bag of candy corn and gave it to me... Ohhh how sweet it is..LOL It takes me back to my trick or treat nights everytime I take a bite. What did you guys dress up as for Halloween? I was a witch, the karate kid, a devil, a punk rocker...
Chris-Hey gal! I love Alfred Hitchcock movies also, but I love 80's horror and vampire movies. The Lost Boys, Children of the Corn, Witchboard, Fright Night, etc. M.Night Shaylaman is going to become a great director. I saw the Village and was very pleased, except for the ending.. It was very different from the basis of the movie itself. I saw a preview for a movie called SAW... and all I have to say is wow.
Michelle-I'm very sorry for your loss.. May I ask what a "siggie" is? Her family is def. in my thoughts and prayers. I'm glad you are staying on track though!
Kat-Great affirmination! Sometimes I think that is why some friends and family go separate ways, they are envious of what they have. It's sad that something like that would break up a strong bonding b/w people.
Skippy- How's the coffee going? I've had one can of diet coke today and that's it. I'm running on the pleasures of life sista! Read your bible!
Tracy-I'm super glad you want to change! That's very courageous of you to step it up like that. You can do anything in this whole world, I believe nothing can stop anyone to do what their heart desires. What are your interests??
Hey to CeeJay, Linoleum, Sandi, Anna, Christy, Jennelle! I hope you guys are safe and doing well! My prayers are with you all!
I'm off to tinkle and to see how the rest of the day is going to unfold.
Sleep tight and sweet dreams!
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