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starting over again......
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Hello ladies… are you all doing?

Nothing new here, same stuff different day. He is still kind of sick, but he is still a happy sick. Tommy on the other hand is another story.

I just realized that I had never posted any pictures of his nursery anywhere. So I am going to find them and then scan them and put them as a link on his webpage! The scanner doesn’t want to work today, so I will keep checking on it. It has been very touchy lately. We also had to buy him some size 2 diapers today! He is getting so big!!!

Oh yeah…..we finally got his card from President and Mrs. Bush for being born. It took me sending the request three times, but hey whatever it takes right? We are planning on framing his and ours when we get the chance! (I will find the address and post it so you other mothers, well everyone, can take advantage of it.)

My little boy is growing up so quickly!! It took me two hours, but I managed to get through his dressers and his closet and box up the 0-3 month size clothes. Now my little man is in size 3-6 months. In cleaning out everything, I realized one thing! We need to buy him some pajamas that he can wear now! The majority of his dresser were 0-3 month and then 9months and higher. He does have a ton of sweet pea pajamas. (the ones that look like long gowns) so those will help tide him over until we can get him so more pajamas.

Marti~ My hubby is really good in the romance department, once he gets a swift kick in the rear. For our romantic night that I did for us, I light all the candles in the living room, got Brandon to sleep and in bed, put a movie in for us, and then it was up to him from there. So hopefully Monday will be the romantic day since he got everything he wanted to do done on Sunday. But we shall see.

Speaking of Christmas, I should get a list started as well. I am not sure how money will be at the time when we go shopping, but I should start a preliminary list and if we have to knock it down then so be it. (coming from a HUGE family, I can’t help but want to buy for everyone, but since money is an issue, sometimes people get bumped and I end up feeling so bad because of it.) I love doing paint by numbers, so maybe I will pick some up and do them for the nieces and nephews. I have a beach scene that I did for Brandon when I was pregnant with him, but I need to get a frame for it and then find a place in his room for Tommy to put it.

Angie~ That dog resort sounds awesome!! Your trip sounds like it was a lot of fun! I can’t wait to see pictures from it!!
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