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Thought I would pop in real quick.

Cristi--Want to say HI back to you!! I hope you're enjoying your weekend. Today has been a very relaxed day for me. I went to walmart and's in turmoil. They're remodeling and you would think that would keep people away....but nope, it was so crowded! Almost like when it first opened. I just wanted some IBProfin and then get out!

Mindee--Hope your husband does something real nice for ya. I told James to buy me some kind of souvenir. He laughed....saying he wasn't THAT far out of town and what do I need a souvenir for? I told him that I just want something. (I'm needy)

I've been thinking of how Christmas is just around the corner!! I can't believe how fast time is flying. I must start a list for James & Jhanai. And then some other items for the gift exchange with the rest of my family. I was talking to my aunt yesterday for a great Christmas gift for everyone in the family. Out in the shed is a stack a paintings my grandma had done years ago. She was in a painting class. I told her that I want to get out there, and sort through the ones that are finished. Then have my grandpa make frames...I will stain or paint them and we'll put them together. Then...we'll determine which painting fits which family and have it be from both grandpa & grandma. My aunt loved the idea. I'm not sure if she'll remember to bring it up to my grandpa but I'm going over there tomorrow and I will tell him myself because I think that would be something special.

well ladies.....I'm going to clean up my kitchen after I take a browse around the boards.

Take care

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