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Default Hey Gals!!!!

Sorry I havent posted since friday, I've been non stop the past two days..... I bought myself some new workout tapes and I've been using them like crazy!!! But I didnt weigh in this morning, because Im finishing my TOM, and I was afraid I was too bloated and may not have lost, or maybe even gained from water I may step on tomorrow for the heck of it....I'll let you know how it goes....Just did a lot of house cleaning and helped a friend with a few things today....Tomorrow I have to mow the lawn at my house and then mow the lawn at my mom's house, plus run some errands with my friend, cause she doesnt have a car right now!!! And then its back to work tuesday, so it wasnt much of a relaxing weekend!!!

JANA, Sorry to hear that CORE didnt work for you, i did catch the post on the 3" off the thighs....I didnt even think anything about it...lolhaha

KATY, on the flip side, glad to hear you are happy with the CORE program!!
Hope you have some success with it!

MARTI: I feel your pain, my TOM has really wrecked my three day weekend..

To all you other gals....ANGIE, CRISTI, MINDEE, JEN, SHANNA, BARB... hope everything is going well....and I'll check in tomorrow girls!!!

Nightie Night

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