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Afternoon ladies!!

Angie--I'm so glad you're back too! Yes....we want to see photos! I'm glad that you were not affected by Frances! That was a fear we all had! Enjoy time resting and as soon as you get....come and tell us how it all went.

Katy--I looked at the site you posted. I seen that the Hurricane was suppose to be near my sisters...but I have not idea if it did or not. My family keeps trying to get in touch with her. Glad you're having luck with CORE also. I think it's to strict for me to want to follow. But it's always nice to read that it works for some people.

Barb--The sodium in those entree's are always what keeps me from buying any. I used to have them for lunch all the time at work until I had to work on my HBP. So when I do get's only once in a great while.

Jana--Oh I hope you start to feeling better soon. I hate getting sick. Do you have a Sunday dinner with lots of family every Sunday? I'm glad your family is letting you rest!

I'm not doing much today....going to go to Walmart and get myself some IBProfin. Nothing like having cramps and having nothing in the house to calm them.

Speaking of HBP.......when I went in to have the health assessment....they took my pressure.....I was thrilled. 170/80!! That is very good. So I was happy to know it's ok. Going by the machines at the stores just isn't as realiable.

Hope everyone is enjoying their weekend...I'll pop in later.

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