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I'm back - have a little time before we all sit down to watch the Amazing Race. So I'm just twiddlling my thumbs.....

Marti - Yay about the new job! Hope your sister and brother are alright. I haven't tried to get hold of my cousin, I'm sure all the lines are knocked out. Sounded like they weren't evacuating, so I'm just hoping for the best. this is website for a central Florida news station that is hurricane proof and is running 24hour streaming video weather coverage. I'm going to check it out after I leave here tonight.

Susan - Mmmm...margarita...mmmm I need one like no one's business - school really needs to start, know what I mean? PM me times that are good - would love to meet up.

Jana - hope you feel better soon. Believe me, if I could dump the meeting, I would. It's Orientation for the preschool and i have been informed that my presence is required with no early dismissals as i am a board member. I do plan on mentioning in my feedback that orientations on Saturday during soccer season are NOT a good idea. It's frustrating, when we were at this school before they had orientation during the week in the evening - wonder whose brainchild it was to change it - not someone with older children, I bet.

Well, after a few days of adjusting, the Core has been going pretty well. I am going to give it another week and make sure I use the activity and flex points. For me that will be the key to not feeling deprived of anything ( which I tend to do when I have a list of foods to choose from) The foods on Core are similar to what I ate on the Zone, so I tried to organize my meals in zone fashion. This week I mostly used the points on bagels, soy nut butter, Healthy Choice ice cream sandwiches, and I splurged on some Izzy's pizza today. I bought some Laughing Cow cheese which is not Core, but only 1 point for each wedge. It tastes a whole lot better than FF cheese....and I got used to skim milk - a miracle! I have to say I really like not worrying about portions for things like skim milk, fruits and veggies, FF popcorn - very liberating!

Just thought I'd post that feedback as I know some are thinking about Core. I still like flex, and will probably go back and forth depending on what's going on in my life.

Later, gals
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