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Hi ladies,

Katy - I know how you feel about missing your son's first game! But I really think that if you go to most of them, that's what he'll remember - not that you missed this one. And if it still seems like something you just can't do, maybe you could skip the meeting?

Jen - hope your cat is out of pain, one way or another. At least you know that you have given this kitty the very best life she could ever have had. But it's still painful for you to go through. Way to go on the new job! I think you're right, maybe you should give your resignation to the prez since you can't trust your boss.

Mindee - I agree that seeing a loss on the scale is a good incentive! Yay for you!

Susan - not sure what you weighed before, but YAY for you anyway! Have fun shopping.

Marti - glad you maintained through TOM. Sounds like this would be a good weekend for you to read and relax.

Hi to the others.

Katie, the twins and I all have a nasty cold. What a waste of a good weekend, lol. I'm trying to get the laundry done between naps.

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