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Good Morning Gals!

Mel ~ I thought I did mention it, but I think it was on another thread --- I am sorry Joe got an a-okay on his sleep study. His heart is healthy and his BP is real good. The people at the Hospital doing the study think that because Joe has been sleeping on his side and going to bed earlier weeks before the test it made a difference in the results. A good one He does snore quit loudly when he is on his back (therefore he sleeps on his side now) and all is well. We both were very happy to hear that he does not have sleep apnea.

As for me... I am feeling so much better today! Thank-you so much for asking about me I did curl up with a blankie and a hot cup of mint tea yesterday... it felt so good to do that. When I woke up this morning I was still achy, but it has lessened as the morning goes on & I am doing so much better. I got in only the 1 mile yesterday and 1.25 miles in this morning but I am hoping to get in another mile this afternoon. I think I am figuring out what makes me ill and doesn't and am hopefully well on my way to good health again Thank you so much for all your thoughts and your prayers it means so much to me.

So you'll be leaving soon for the big Birthday weekend... I know you will have a wonderful time! Cannot wait for you to go and then return telling us all about it

Michelle ~ Thank you so much too ~ I could feel the love and concern from you as well and am so very grateful for your friendship also. It feels so good to have a place to come too. Hopefully I will be my cheery self again real soon --- I don't like being in this painful, sad place. I am well on my way I think

I am so very sorry to hear of your Yugi I hope that he is doing better today. Things like that do happen unfortunately... I remember taking my kitten, Zeppe, to the vets just after only a few weeks of having them home because his brother, Guido, bit him in play and gave him a blood infection that needed to be treated with meds. You have to watch them allot when they are little... allot of work ! But ohhh so much *Joy* ~ give him a little *feel better hug* for me too would you


Well, I must be going --- I have given myself a brief amount of time sitting and my time is up for the moment. Be catching you both later...
(((Big Hugs))) for you both!

SunnyD <><

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