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Red face I am hangin' in there...


It's sooooo good to see you both more then you will ever know... ... ...

I am not feeling very well today ... the headache has left me (thank the Lord), but the spinach I had last night in one of the recipes did not agree with me. So I am nursing a flare-up as I speak. I have spent the morning sitting on a heating pad and one on my tummy and have just now took a very hot shower (causes the muscles to relax) and am now beginning to feel a little relief. While I was in the shower I had a real good cry... ... sometimes that does wonders in itself. So in this experimental stages of discovering *what* causes my flare-ups I am staying close to home!

So far here is my list of definitely !NO ! Foods for ME---> NO RED MEATS, NO DAIRY (none - I take calcium chews 3x a day), NO SOY, NO FRIED FOODS (very dangerous for me), NO SPINACH, VERY LITTLE FATS LIKE OILS, NO CALIFLOWER or CABBAGE (so far). I noticed that Heather (the writer of the book) can eat Soy, Cabbage & Spinach, so some react differently then others and she states that in her book. The first week to 10 days will be trial and error. That's why she said to keep plenty of cooked rice and fiber tablets on hand, so when you have a flare-up take the fiber and eat the rice to fill the intestine and stop the spasms that are causing the pain. It has really helped me. I am beginning to see now what I can have & what not to. I cannot wait till I can feel well all the time & get into a routine again.

I have gotten 1 mile in so far today, but have to take the 2nd mile later today - when the tummy feels better.

Thank you so much MEL & MICHELLE for taking the time to hear me... I feel so very alone (at home) when I am ill like this, but being able to come here and share with you all makes all the difference in the world! You gals are the best! All of you are


Michelle ~ What a cute name for your puppy... how did you choose it? I bet your children just love him to death! Are they use to pets? Or is Yugi your first one?

How are you doing with your Bow-flex? I have seen the commercial for it and think it's a great machine and if I had the space here I would have one too. *Luck* with your new routine... keep in touch and let us know how you are doing with it, okay. You are sooooo very close to *One*derland

Mel ~ Thank you so much!
You sound so good!!! I am so very, very happy for you Mel!!! You are going to have the BESTEST 26th Birthday!!!! You have worked so hard --- you go and enjoy yourself without a second thought. Have the best weekend! Take some pics for us... maybe? I know I sure would enjoy them. That's okay about being a big kid for your birthday I love birthday's too!!! Allot!!! And always have.


Well gals, I really must be going... I cannot sit for too long right now. I will check in later if I can.

(((Hugs))) *God Bless*
SunnyD <><

"Only God can turn your MESS into a MESSAGE, a TEST into a TESTIMONY, a TRIAL into a TRIUMPH and a VICTIM into a VICTORY" Author Unknown

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