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Hi Reds and all, I recently read a book called "The Joy of Burnout." It basically was a book about transition from one place to another. The book encouraged me to find a support group either online or in person. That's what brought me to this site. It is so encouraging to read all these stories and see how much weight people have lost in so many ways. Only those who have been overweight can understand what it's like in this society - so difficult!

Anyways, for me a busy, working mom of three sons, I'm finding that counting calories and about 30 minutes of exercise (any kind) is a good way to start. In the past two weeks (about) I've lost seven pounds. I've also used a lot of food, exercise and attitude tips from all the threads on this site which have been remarkable. Good luck to you, you've made the first step!!! I'm 45 (with kids 4,9,13) and you at 26 are so young with so many wonderful events, times ahead. You can do it! Everyone here can help! I wish I found this site 22 years ago when I started feeling very bad about being fat.

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