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Chipper and all, good luck with all those dogs. Thanks for the encouragement especially the "one day less of old habits."

I'm dying to drink a glass of wine or eat junk food to simply relax, but I'm writing on this site again. It's 8:42 - I'm beat. I'll take a bath instead of all that food.

I ended the day with a great salad - macaroni (135 cals), veggies (200 or less), feta (160) and an apple (100), watermelon (100) - that puts me at about 1700 so that's it for today.

I also managed to fit in a 20 min swim which was rushed, but good. I'm really going to need support once school starts again - that's when I'm always looking for junk food. Thanks again for all your encouragement. We're all on a journey for a healthier, happier lifestyle. We can do it.

sw210/cw205 (I weighed myself for the first time since starting - yeah! It's working)/gw(150)
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