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Everyone is doing so good. I have had a busy day. I had always wanted a Yorky Terrier. Well, they run about $700 and up. So, about 2 weeks ago I found in the paper a Silky Terrier, which are sorta the same, for cheap, no papers but purebreed. So, got him. He is 8 weeks old now. Well, today my dh tells me he found someone who has a Yorky for free, papered and everything. Went to look at her. Will get her in a few days. Now I have them coming out of my ears. That will give me 5 dogs. My son says not another one. That's a long story. He just moved back home when he got out of the navy in May. Shows no signs of leaving again soon. DH gives him till after holidays and then he has so much time to find a place. He has a good job and is 23. At least he pays me rent. HeeHee.
Eating wise: cereal/milk breakfast at 6 am, so that put me hungry at about 8. Didn't last me long. At a nabisco 100 cal snack. Lunch: Subway a half not a whole. I was hungry then too. Didn't eat lunch until 2:30 or so. DH making dinner now. Leftovers from a big bbq this last sat. Hamberger,baked beans, and what ever else is in there. Exercise: Took the puppy, getting leash trained, and the min pin for a walk about 1/2 mile this morning. So, far that top is mine.
Remember each day we are closer to where we want to be. That is one day less of old habits. What is past is past. Today is the only day to think about.
Everyone have a good night.
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