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Lightbulb Balancing your diet

Getting enough fibre is important in any diet. Vegetarian diets are great for this as fibre is contained in plant foods.

Insoluble fibre includes the peels of fruit and vegetables and the husks of whole grains.

Soluble fibre includes pectings, gums and musilages found in fruits and vegetables, legumes and oat bran.

Fibre keeps food moving through the gastrointestinal system and helps reduce blood cholesterol.

Increasing your fibre intake is easy - eat unrefined foods such as fresh fruit instead of fruit juices, eat whole grain bread and whole grain flour products (ie. whole wheat pasta), eat brown rice and eat fruits and vegetables with their skins intact instead where it is suitable - ie. unpeeled potatoes, apples etc. This should be done slowly so that your body will adapt to the change in your diet.

Here are some good sources of fibre:

-all bran or bran flakes cereal
-cooked broccoli
- carrots
-dried figs
-brown rice
-oat bran
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