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Smile No to Cortislim

Sorry to say, Cortislim didn't work for me. After about 3 days I noticed I was getting extremely fatigued about 1 hour after taking it. Even in the morning after sleeping all night. I am not a person who just nods off, but at my desk at work I had trouble keeping my eyes open. I continued to take it 2 times daily, but stopped after like 2 weeks. I wrote to the company and they said some people do get tired and to only use it at dinner time or return it. I split the order with 2 women at work. 1 girl is still on it after like 2 months, no weight loss, but she is calmer. I did sleep more soundly, but I never had trouble sleeping to begin with. 1 of the ingredients is a source of Valium. So I say NO TO CORTISLIM.

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