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Default New CortiSlim Study

I just read a new double blind study done with CortiSlim. In a double blind study, there are two identical groups, one that takes the substance being studied, and one that takes a placebo that looks identical but has none of the substance in it. The people don't know which pill they are getting, and neither do the researchers--that's why it's called double blind.

In this study, both groups were told to follow a moderate program of diet and exercise. After 12 weeks, the group taking CortiSlim had lost just under 10 pounds average, and the group taking the placebo had lost just over 1 pound average.

I have been taking CortiSlim for 10 weeks, and I have also been on a diet program and walking every day. As I have said in other posts, I think that CortiSlim helps me with the afternoon/evening carbohydrate craving. I don't think that my weight loss is due to the CortiSlim alone, but I feel that it has helped.

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