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Default Trouble w/health recipes

Do you like speghetti? If so try shredding a small zucchine squash in the sauce. Do you eat salsa? Use for a dip with raw veggies. Sounds like you might like salads. Broccoli salads are wondeful. Look for a package of Athenos crumbled feta cheese. You won't beable to see it but there is a recipe on the back side of the label for a black bean salad. Black beans, rice, green onions, celery, feta cheese and tomatoes. The other day I did not have any tomatoes so I used corn. Right out of the frozen pkg, just let it thaw on paper towels. You can use salsa for the dressing (1/2 cup) or a fat free Italian Dressing. What about V-8 veg juice, baked potatoes, baked sweet potatoes? Maybe if you looked in cook books on different ways to cook vegetables to spice them up you might like them. I too, get tired of just plain veg.

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