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Default veggies

Well, dear, some things are an acquired taste.
Did you know that small children in Mexico do not like hot peppers? They grow up to like them, though.
I am a strict vegetarian. When I first gave up milk and started drinking soy milk, I did not like it either. I like it fine now because I developed a taste for it.
Veggies have so many nutrients and good things for your body you might really want to consider learning to like them. Try starting with baby carrots for a snack (which I am almost addicted to). Just be careful to read the labels to make sure they are really baby carrots and not peeled older carrots, which don't taste good. Baby carrots are sweet and crunchy, and grape tomatoes are sweet and fun to pop into your mouth. Different colored bell peppers are good raw, in slices. Try dipping them into fat free Italian dressing.
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