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Default More ephedrine Issues

It needs to be cleared that I didn't say that Ma Huang was a safe form of energy but that it was a good source. That only means that it increases energy. "Safe" will vary from who you ask.

I do have some cold/allergy medication in my medicine cabinet that specifically says Ephedrine is in it. It is in bold type and is listed under warnings.

Cold tablets can also contain norpseudoephedrine, norephedrine, methylephedrine, or methylpseudoephedrine. Their are even a few more of them but they all have the same general effect just some are a little less potent than others.

The FDA does allow a 20% margin in consistency which means if you take a medications that says it has 100 mgs. of an active ingredient, you may be getting as little as 80 mg or as much as 120 mg.

As I said in my original post, this is for informative purposes only and I don't tell anyone to use or not to use but to ask. I will agree with a post I read earlier that I believe some opinions on supplements vary depending on what area in the US you live in. Some are more popular say maybe on the West Coast than on the East.

I can only tell you about the ingredients found in the supplement that I use. I have been highly informed and trained on the nutritional aspects of it. I can't agree or disagree with over all opinions because they will vary from product to product. I also do not advocate pills of any kind.
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