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I just thought I would mention breifly that Ephedrine and Ephedra aren't the same thing. They are similiar but some products contain one and not the other.

Ephedra (also known as Ma Huang) is the whole plant alkaloid and is a very good source of energy. It is also helpful with allergy and sinus problems. Anyone who takes over the counter medications for allergy, sinus/colds, look over the label and see if you don't see Ephedra in the list of ingredients.

The difference in Ephedra and Ephedrine: to make Ephedrine; the plant alkaloids are separated and distilled and this is what make it a drug. Ephedra is left in its pure form and is considered a safe herb.

Most any of your supplements that you have mentioned in various forums on this site will have around 12 mg. of Ephedra per tablet/pill. You cold and allergy medications have 30 to 60 mg. of Ephedrine. 12 mg of Ephedra if distilled would equal 1 mg. of Ephedrine. You can see the difference in the potency there. You would have to take anywhere from 30 to 60 of your supplements to equal the amount of Ephedrine you get in 1 cold tablet.

You are going to find people who are on both side of the fence in this issue. Everywhere from nutritionists to your finest physicians. I live in South Carolina and we have a group of physicians who actually recommend "Ephedra" to their heart patients (bypass and diseased) in order to strengthen them. My own grandmother who is really a candidate for a pace maker to speed her heart up has been put on it to help keep her heart rate up at a normal yet elevated pace.

It will vary from person to person and physician to physician. Be sure to follow directions on labels and not to ignore the ingredients by any means but you may need to seek advice from a professional if you're at all in question.
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