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WalMart Superstore. I live less than five minutes away and the place is open 24 hours a day. Plus they will match prices from other store's flyers. (If you don't like WalMart, don't feel you need to enlighten me. My friends are already sharing the propaganda.)

I found that it helped to make an online list of the products I use, including the few that are brand specific. Some can only be found at one of the five markets in my area, so I note that down. And I keep track of the price.

One market has high prices but great specials. So of course I go only for those.

And once a month or so I go to Trader Joes. The stuff I buy there (like the frozen veggies) are so much better than what is available elsewhere that I really stock up. I eat WAY more vegetables when I have a freezer full of TJs!

And I learned to cook beans 400 ways when I was a college student. I love them and because I'm eaten them for years, they agree perfectly with my digestive tract!
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