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Default Healthy recipes

If you are following the W W Plan I would suggest two of their cook books that every one has stated they enjoyed. The Weight Watcher Complete Cook Book and Weight Watchers Simply the Best. I'm sure you will find many recipes without tomatoes, mushrooms and olive oil. Most of the time you can just omit the mushrooms in a recipe. Use Pam spray for your pans in place of olive oil. In a recipe where olive oil is used for flavor like a salad dressing, you could use canola oil or vegetable oil. They all count as a fat. The flavor will be different. In a home made salad dressing I would look for those that don't call for olive oil.

Even if you are not following the Weight Watcher Food Plan, the recipes in their cook books are all very healthy eating. Over the years all low cal, low fat recipes have improved with new healthier food choices in the stores.

Ann P
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