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Quick easies ........ great thread! ~smiling brightly~ my problem comin up with any to share with you was that my quick easies turned into second nature and i had to really rack my brain. ~laughing~ will pay more attention while i cook ~winka winka~

when i use my hand mixer i always grab a paper plate as well. tip it over poke 2 holes in the center about an inch apart. pop the beater posts thru the holes then click them into the mixer. Viola i have a splatter guard lid. i have found that a cheapie, regular sized paper plate covers most any bowl.

another thing i found real handy is to keep a garbage receptical next to me on the counter while i am preparring dishes. like a cereal bowl, or egg carton anything i can toss my remenants into, i.e: egg shells, yolks, trimmed fat, veggie ends or peels, boullion wrappers, paper towel. then its just one trip to the garbage can and saves my sink and drain from a lot of gunk.

if you ever make one of those diet soda cakes or have a special low cal and you would like to try something different to dress it up, may i suggest one of those paper doillies. place that on top of your cake and dust with powdered sugar. they have some of the prettiest designs. depending on the cake and its flavour, take your veggie peeler and and shave a curly fruit rind for the center.

not sure if this is a time saver but with summer and out door cooking, picnics and so on its cute, fun, keeps the bugs out of condiments, and you can just toss them when its over. i take 3 peppers, red, green, and yellow. cut the tops off, making a zig tag design ( with the points my brain if failing ~laughing~) de-seed the centers. then in the red i will put Ketchup, the green, either diced onions or relish, and the yellow is filled with Mustard. just adorable on a table.

like my tag says............ its the lil things! again fabulous thread i look forward to reading more!!

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