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I will watch it when it comes on the independent film channle but I will not pay to see it because I do not agree with the man. I heard him on a radio show and he believes Mcdonalds and fast food should have to make the public more aware of there bad food blah blah blah. I just don't think it is Mcdonalds fualt that americans are so overweight. It's time people take responsibility for there own problems. No body forced me to eat those big macs all those times. That was my choice. It seems everyone is so ready to blame someone else for there problems. Do they need to list the calories and fat content? Yes I think they should do that. But not to serve there Super Size meals anymore because of group presure. That's not right. And no place should have to put down there own menu and tell the world that cheeseburgers are bad for you just because the food is fating or high in calories. I think we all know this and we buy it because we like it.
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