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Hey! I want to be the evil twin Doesn't the evil one get to have more fun?

Pookie- I'll try and take a look at your post about the book- contrary to Meg's description, I also can blather on and make noises that sound like I know what I'm talking about. Sometimes they even make sense.

Cindy- Please listen to the other shoulder victims here. I've been lifting for years with a partially torn rotator cuff and chronic inflammation of the interior and anterior cuff area and bicep tendon. Somedays it hurts to pull up my jeans. I'm out of the gym for a bit now, and hoping it will recover. If I were smart, I would have rested it 4 months ago. Please make sure you done't have any strucutral damage- tears, bone spurs, etc., before you decide to just work through the pain. BTW, bench presses with a bar are the worst possible exercise for anyone with present or past shoulder/bicep injuries. Using dumbells instead allows you to vary the angle at which you hold the weight just enought to take the stress off your shoulder. The other trick, if you're a bench press fanatic, is loosen your grip. That bar really only needs to rest on your hands. The white knuckle, hang on as tight as you can grip just leads to more shoulder problems.

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